Projeto Redentor Whitepaper: Mapping Christ the Redeemer

Mapping Christ the Redeemer

The Projeto Redentor project was planned and executed by Aeryon Labs Inc. in partnership with Pix4D and PUC University of Rio de Janeiro to create a use case that shows the feasibility, accuracy and efficiency of image-based 3D modelling for large, extremely detailed objects in complex surroundings.

The success of this project was dependent on the project team overcoming a number of challenges, including: the size of the statue and its remote location on the peak of the mountain, changing weather and wind conditions, restricted hours for data acquisition (flights could only take place before and after visiting hours), inconsistent lighting conditions and shadows in early morning and late afternoon resulting in the inhomogeneous color balancing of imagery, just to mention the most important.

This white paper (PDF 3mb) describes the challenges of this project and how they were overcome. It also highlights the workflow – from data acquisition to image processing and the generation of the 3D model (point cloud and textured mesh) as the final output result.

You can also watch the video; see the 3D model and more on our website.