Whitepaper: AIRVU UAV Solutions – Building & Structure Assessments


AIRVU UAV Solutions partnered with the City of Greater Sudbury to perform a study to determine the benefits of using UAV technology for buildings and structure condition assessments and engineering applications. An Aeryon SkyRanger UAV was used to inspect the Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex. An infrared and visual inspection of the roof top was performed, and a CAD drawing of the structure was produced. Using the infrared payload on the UAV, an inspection of rooftop-mounted solar panels was performed. No problems were detected with the solar panels; however, the weather conditions were not ideal for such operations. The conditions were ideal for performing an infrared inspection of the roof top to inspect for any water damage and heat loss. Due to the thermal properties of water, as the roof heats up and cools down bodies of water trapped in the roof may be observed with infrared imagery. No issues with the roof were detected during inspection. Finally, a visual inspection of the structure was performed and a 3-dimensional model of the building was produced, along with an accurately scaled overhead drawing of the environment. This model allows us to determine any dimension in the environment, both in 2D and in 3D. Ultimately, the UAV technology proved to be a faster and safer alternative to traditional roof top inspections with a ground crew. The UAV eliminated the need to send anyone up to the roof, and produced three sets of data from a single mission.

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