Whitepaper: AIRVU UAV Solutions – Power Line Survey & Inspection

AIRVU UAV Solutions, in cooperation with Hydro Ottawa, has performed a site survey of a distribution line rail crossing in Ottawa, Ontario. This survey involved using UAV technology to capture high resolution photographs of equipment on the distribution lines, as well as produce accurate maps of the environment. Through the use of photogrammetry, maps and 3D models can be produced from images captured by the UAV. With enough overlapping images, depth can be determined. Having this depth, along with accurately geo-referenced photographs, the exact location of every point in the image can be determined. This allows us to obtain the same results as traditional ground surveying techniques, without the need to send a crew into dangerous areas. Accurately scaled CAD drawings of the environment, as well as profile views, can be produced from the obtained data, providing accurate data for elevations, pole positioning, attachment heights, and wire sag. Producing the results from the field data is also much quicker, and can be completed in the same day as the flight. The UAV is a very powerful tool for surveying and inspecting lines, and it does this in a more efficient and safer manner than traditional methods.

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