Whitepaper: AIRVU UAV Solutions – Water Dam Aerial Survey & Inspection


AIRVU UAV Solutions, in cooperation with Orillia Power, has performed an aerial survey of a hydro dam located at Swift Rapids. The area was flown with an Aeryon SkyRanger UAV, capturing images of the landscape. With these images, point clouds were created through a technique known as photogrammetry. By capturing enough overlapping photos of an area, software is able to identify the precise location of each point in the images and use this data to create point clouds. From here, accurately scaled 3D models and maps can be produced of the area. This is useful for creating “As-Is” and elevation drawings of the site, allowing us to get dimensions of areas of interest that would normally be difficult or costly to do through conventional surveying. A profile drawing of the site was created, providing elevation data for the transmission line as it crosses the river.

An infrared inspection of the dam and equipment was also performed. The infrared survey data can be used to detect overheating in electrical apparatus, and can be used to indicate problems with structural insulation and water protection. All of this data was captured during a single mission.

The use of UAV technology allows for simultaneous detailed infrastructure inspection and collection of engineering information.

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