The New SkyRanger R80

Adaptive. Innovative. Powerful.

The Next-Generation SkyRanger

Since its release in 2013, the SkyRanger R60 has captured real-time aerial intelligence across 30 countries, for well over 100,000 collective hours of operation. The world’s most demanding UAS operators have come to rely on the SkyRanger when lives and livelihoods hang in the balance.

With the new R80, Aeryon is pushing the small UAS performance envelope, with more computing power, more payload capacity, and more advanced software features. Delivering a broader range of mission capabilities, in a wider set of environments, the R80 is redefining what’s possible with a man-packable UAS.

One Platform, Many Missions

Tactical ISR

The R80 carries a suite of long-range, high-resolution, stabilized daylight and IR imaging payloads. A front-mounted dual EO/IR provides wide angle day and night situational awareness and a piloting view when used with non-optical payloads.

Persistent Overwatch

With Automatic In-Air Replacement (AIR) operators can maintain persistent eyes on target by swapping multiple R80s in real time. A field-installable power tether, available later this year, will enable sustained fixed-location overwatch for FOB security or similar missions.

Payload Delivery

With the new Osprey carry and delivery payload, R80 operators can rapidly attach, carry, and deliver nearly any object up to 2 kg for forward resupply, asset extraction or other specialized missions.

Features & Technology

The R80 is packed with advanced technology.
Hover over the red circles to see for yourself.

Multi-Use Payload Structure

Payload Development Kit enables Aeryon, partners, and users to quickly develop and deploy sophisticated, integrated payloads.

4 Dedicated Computer Vision Cameras

Provide flight control input for future autonomous navigation capabilities.

IP-54/MIL-810G Rated Carbon Fiber & Magnesium Airframe

Compact design is deployable in minutes by a single operator.

4x Redundant Batteries

Less than 99Wh batteries enable easy transport on commercial aircraft and 4x redundancy maintains safe flight, even under single battery failure.

Front-Facing EO/IR Camera

Provides ISR when carrying non-optical payloads and situational awareness for safe flight in urban and BVLOS operations

Next Generation Comms Link

2×2 MIMO antennas for greater range and throughput.

Modular Propulsion System

R80 will offer additional field-swappable propulsion options to tailored for specific mission types, such as longer endurance, extreme altitude, and clandestine operations.

Laser Altimeter & Ultrasonic Sensors

Multiple sensor inputs for accurate altitude calculation in a range of operating conditions.

Not just a flying camera


HDZoom 30

30x optical zoom and 60x enhanced digital zoom for eyes-on-target at distances up to 5 km (3.1 miles).


High-definition daylight and thermal imagery with moving target indication, target tracking and more.

Front-mounted EO/IR

Provides day and night situational awareness when carrying non-optical payloads, and secondary view-angle ISR.


Easily attach, carry and deliver nearly any object up to 2 kg:

  • Radios & Comms Relays
  • Medical Supplies
  • UGS & TTL Emplacement

Aircraft Design

An Open Architecture

The R80 is designed to grow with you.
It’s the single platform for your next 10 years of sUAS operations.

AI at The Edge

With multiple embedded NVIDIA TX2 processors, the R80 is a flying supercomputer with an engine for real-time artificial intelligence at the network edge, including object detection and classification.

Modular Power System

The R80’s power is delivered from four redundant batteries, each rated below 99Wh for easy transportation on commercial aircraft. With its optional plug-in tether kit the R80 can provide persistent endurance for long-term overwatch or surveillance applications, and then can be reconfigured quickly back into free-flight mode.

Payload Development Kit (PDK)

The R80’s PDK extends payload development to end users and third-party integrators, enabling the rapid development of application-specific payloads for the R80 platform. The PDK enables full integration with the R80 airframe, including:

  • Mechanical mounting (with vibration isolation)
  • Power from aircraft batteries
  • Sensor data from aircraft (e.g. GPS)
  • Secure IP networking

Software & Technology

Automatic In-Air Replacement (AIR)

Gain persistent eyes on target with AIR which enables a fully charged, ready to launch R80 to automatically replace another airborne R80 when its battery is depleted or it needs to land.

AIR also enables real-time payload swaps for when conditions change (daylight into night operations) where a R80 flying an EO/IR Mk-II replaces a R80 flying a HDZoom 30 for improved nighttime ISR.

Multi-Aircraft Control

Using Aeryon’s new Multi-Aircraft Control software, a single pilot can fly multiple R80s from a single Ground Control Station (GCS), on a single network, in coordinated semi-autonomous flight plans. This enables advanced missions including:

  • Coordinated, multi-sensor ISR
  • Large-area reconnaissance and mapping

Zeroize GPS

GPS Zeroize

GPS Zeroize ensures that no sensitive information falls into enemy hands. With GPS Zeroize turned on, no location records are stored, and no video is recorded on the aircraft.

dark mode

Dark Mode

When missions call for operation in denied RF environments, Dark Mode enables semi-autonomous flight plans without an active C2 link. This capability will evolve to enable applications such as beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) payload emplacement and clandestine ISR in non-permissive environments.


2018 SkyRanger R80 - Performance Specifications

Rugged & Reliable
Carbon fiber and magnesium airframe, tested to IP-54 / MIL-810G

Intelligent & Autonomous
Multiple NVIDIA Tx2 processors for AI on the edge

Payloads up to 2 kg
Easily attach, carry and deliver payloads up to 2 kg

Flexible & Modular
New Application and Payload Development Kits, and multiple power sources (tethered and free flight)

See Full Specifications Table


80 cm wide (31.5 in)
34 cm high (13.5 in)


30-50 Minutes*

*Actual flight time varies based on environmental conditions

Max Range

>5 km with standard base station
10 km with directional antenna

(>3 mi., 6 mi.)

Max Ground Speed

50 kph (31 mph)

Max Ascent, Descent Speed

4 m/s, 3 m/s (13 ft/s, 9 ft/s)

Payload Capacity

2.0 kg (4.4 lbs) with standard propulsion configuration

Max Ceiling

15,000′ MSL with standard propulsion

Wind Tolerance

70 kph sustained,
90 kph
(43 mph, 56 mph)

Operating Temperatures

-20˚C to +50˚C 
(-4˚F to 122˚F)

Frequency Configuration
(Wideband + Narrowband)

900Mhz + 2.4Ghz,
+ Other frequencies and waveforms

Ground Control Station

Aeryon Mission Control Station (MCS) Software v4.x 
Interoperable with Aeryon SkyRanger R60 on Panasonic FZG-1

Video Metadata

Embedded STANAG 4609 KLV Metadata



Environmental Tolerance

IP-54, MIL-STD-810G for Salt Mist/Rain


Aircraft 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs) (Airframe, arms, legs, 4 batteries, no payload)
Standard Pack 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs) (Aircraft, Base Station, HDZoom 30)

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