Traffic Accident Reconstruction


Investigating a traffic accident requires a fine balance between two competing demands – the requirement for collecting thorough, lasting evidence and the need to reopen roads as soon as possible allowing traffic to flow again. Aeryon sUAS provide a full range of aerial intelligence (video and photography) that gives the first responders and investigation teams the tools and evidence they need to reduce the time and resources it takes to collect data, clear the site and get the roadway open again.

UAS allow collision reconstruction officers to take measurements at the scene of a complex accident much more quickly. This tool gives us accurate, detailed information for our investigation and lets us open roads significantly faster. To use UAS technology is a win for us, as well as motorists.

Highway Safety Officer

Integrated Solutions:

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Mapping Orthomosaic

Aeryon Map Edition

The Aeryon Map Edition is a bundled option designed for any application that requires survey-grade accuracy orthomosaics, DSMs and point clouds from aerial or oblique imagery – and seamless integration with GIS, CAD, and traditional photogrammetry software.


Accident Reconstruction & Evidence Gathering

The economic impact of road closures is significant – and for major roadways can total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour. This case study describes how Aeryon sUAS provide traffic safety officers with immediate aerial imagery for response coordination and providing the data they need for their reports and long-lasting evidence.