Tactical Operations


Raids, barricades, crowded events and hostage situations can be some of the most dangerous operations for police officers. An aerial perspective can help officers see over obstacles and around corners to gain critical situational awareness while staying at a safe distance.

The Aeryon sUAS platform is ideal for gathering advanced surveillance and can remain on-station to stream live multicast video to officers and command posts simultaneously – acting as a vital communication link for everyone involved, regardless of geography. A choice of integrated, imaging payloads along with its quiet operation are ideal for tactical operations.

Aeryon sUAS can hover covertly at extended range while providing up-close video with sufficient detail for threat assessment or visual identification. Thermal/IR payloads assist in visually spotting persons (or other heat sources) from surrounding cover or during night-time operations. Advanced video processing maximizes operator efficiency and optimize target identification and acquisition.

A pre-planned flight path along with the ability to control multiple flyers simultaneously allow for non-stop monitoring of any high risk situation where decisions need to be made quickly to ensure the safety of people and minimize damage to property and the surrounding environment.

Integrated Solutions:

AeryonLive Video & Telemetry

AeryonLive gets the right data to the right people, at the right time, enabling prompt and accurate decision making. For tactical operations when situational awareness and safety are priorities, this means saving time, resources or even lives.


Integrated Imaging Payloads

Vector-enabled Aeryon SR-EO/IR Mk II and Aeryon HDZOOM30 are next-generation imaging payloads for the Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS.

Aeryon SR-EO/IR MkII Aeryon HDZOOM30