Fire and Rescue Service


Small Scale Fire EO (Photo: Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service)


Wythenshawe Hall Blaze (Photo: GMFRS)


Building Fire

Responding to, containing and extinguishing fires quickly is often difficult and can include multiple fire stations, response teams and other stakeholders – coordinating efforts is critical.

Aeryon sUAS solutions enable the continual observation and monitoring of the situation and surrounding area, such as tracking people or the spread of the fire, as well as, assessing the structural integrity of a building or vehicle. Additionally, Aeryon sUAS can fly when darkness or smoke prevents manned aircraft or ground crews from getting near a blaze.

The ability to capture and share real-time video and data gives onsite teams and remote viewers the ability to collaborate and make informed decisions in order to take appropriate action.

Aeryon sUAS are integrated solutions that:

  • Can be deployed within minutes of arrival on-site
  • Offer unmatched ease-of-use, reliability in extreme weather, flight and wind performance
  • Deliver precise and immediate results
  • Enable real-time collaboration between on-site teams and remote viewers

To assist fire fighting authorities with wildfire containment by using the SkyRanger to gather the data quickly, safely and with more information about the fire, is one more way for us to support our clients and community.

John Ziemanksi, President, I2S

Integrated Solutions:

AeryonLive Video & Telemetry

AeryonLive gets the right data to the right people, at the right time, enabling prompt and accurate decision making. For critical incident scenarios, when situational awareness and safety are priorities, this means saving time, resources or even lives.


Integrated Imaging Payloads

Vector-enabled Aeryon SR-EO/IR Mk II and Aeryon HDZOOM30 are next-generation imaging payloads for the Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS.