Protonex: In-field Battery Charging Solution

Protonex In-field Battery Charging Solution

Aeryon SkyRanger batteries can be charged in the field using Protonex Squad
and Vest Power Manager kits.

Dismounted military operators currently use Protonex Power Management Kits to dramatically reduce the number and variety of batteries needed to power their gear, and actively monitor and manage their power usage to ensure mission success in the field.

The in-field battery charging solution designed for the Protonex Squad and Vest Power Manager kits reduces the need to carry the Aeryon SkyRanger battery charger case and provides the flexibility to keep the SkyRanger in the air during demanding and often remote operations.

The Protonex power managers enable SkyRanger batteries, as well as radios, laptops, and other tactical and civilian batteries, to be charged simultaneously from any available power source, such as solar cells, car batteries, single-use batteries including BA-5590 or BA-5390 and deliver maximum operational uptime, while reducing the need to carry multiple batteries or transport large charging systems.

The in-field battery charging solution for the SkyRanger, compatible with Protonex VPM and SPM kits, is available for purchase from both Aeryon Labs and Protonex.


Key Features:

  • Manages and prioritizes battery usage
  • Monitors power sources, batteries and kit – with built-in alerts
  • Fully submergible – for use in all weather
  • Recharges military and commercial batteries
  • Optimizes solar/alternative power sources
  • Data logging for mission analysis and planning