Aeryon Labs Demonstrates Live Video Streaming & Flight Control over the Internet with Scout™ Micro-UAV System

Aeryon Labs Demonstrates Live Video Streaming & Flight Control over the Internet with Scout™ Micro-UAV System

Aeryon™ again demonstrated the technical leadership of its integrated Scout micro-UAV™ System as TEDxWaterloo 2012 audience members and remote participants watched a live video streamed over the internet from the Scout at an outdoor site – stage participants even briefly took remote flight control of the Scout.

The most recognizable aspect of the Aeryon Scout system is the Scout itself – the small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that has played a key role in major world events and media stories including Libya, Nome Alaska, and most recently featured as a team of researchers and biologists monitored sea lion groups on the Aleutian Islands. [Read More]

“The Scout vehicle is just one part of a fully integrated all-digital system”, said Dave Kroetsch, President of Aeryon Labs Inc. “Of course the flyer is the most easily identifiable aspect of the system and is known for its small size and weight, snap-together assembly, ease-of-use and autonomous flight capabilities, and industry-leading weather and wind performance. However, the Scout system is also a software platform on which we continue to build new features and innovate – whether new user features on the Ground Control Station tablet, or in this case enhanced networking.”

Audience members and remote livestream participants from across Waterloo Region and beyond were able to observe the latest example of this innovation as members of the Aeryon team demonstrated the ability to simultaneously stream video from the Scout to the operator, and broadcast it remotely over the internet. The ‘wow’ moment came as presenters on stage briefly took over control to fly the Scout remotely.

Because the Scout is built on an all-digital communications network, transmissions can be encrypted to protect against hacking, snooping, and interception, while simultaneously streaming multicast video to multiple devices in the secure network.   This multicast capability is useful to both military and civilian customers – in military operations it allows aerial intelligence to be shared with both ground forces and remote command, while public safety and industrial users can similarly share aerial photos and videos with other personnel or an operations center.

“What we demonstrated at TEDx was in fact an extension of the Scout’s multicast capability – making it even easier to share aerial imagery with any remote viewer over the internet. It is easy to imagine this technology being used by emergency response managers after a natural disaster to coordinate efforts with base operations located in other countries or continents – and by media covering the story” said Mike Peasgood, Aeryon’s VP Engineering.

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