Aeryon Announces Version 5 of the Aeryon Scout System

Aeryon Announces Version 5 of the Aeryon Scout System

Waterloo, ON – Aeryon Labs, manufacturer of the Aeryon Scout – a small man-packable flying robotic reconnaissance system – has announced the availability of version 5 of its Aeryon Scout Command and Control system.  This release improves the Scout’s auto-flight planning capabilities, increases camera targeting & image viewing flexibility and enhances the Scout’s FollowMe™ and AutoGrid™ functions.

In version 5, the Scout’s innovative touch-screen flight planning capability is even more flexible to the operator.  Flight plans can now be dynamically created and adjusted while the Scout is in the air.  The Flight-plan Editor displays waypoints in decimal degrees, decimal minutes, degrees-minutes-seconds of latitude and longitude as well as UTM and MGRS.  Targeted initially at military users, waypoints can now be added numerically or by simply clicking on the map.  The new Points of Interest feature allows the operator to highlight and automatically fly to certain ‘points of interest’ at any time, without having to include the locations as a waypoint.

The Scout’s AutoGrid™ function automatically creates a gridded waypoint path based on a number of user defined variables such as altitude, desired overlap of imagery, etc.  AutoGrid™ ensures images provide the desired amount of coverage, which is essential for GIS Mapping or Search & Rescue operations.  An example of the output is the image below.  It is an 875 Megapixel image, with a resolution of 2.5cm/pixel, gathered at an altitude of 100 meters.  It required only 5 minutes of setup and a 12 minute flight to capture the 56 images used to cover the 50 acre area.

Click and drag to pan and zoom the image.

Continued advancements in the Scout’s camera targeting allow the operator to find and stay on target as quickly and efficiently as possible.  New Target Presets means the Scout can remember up to six targets and instantly re-acquire these targets at any time.  PhotoTrails display photos on the Command & Control display as they are taken and an optional full-screen video display provides as much real-time detail to the operator as possible.

The Scout’s FollowMe™ can now be used in both Manual and Waypoint mode.  As the Scout is in the air, the operator can simply click on the Follow Me button and the Scout automatically maintains the current distance and direction from the base station, making the Scout an ideal solution for convoy following or route clearance.  The Scout’s home location or take-off point can also be dynamically adjusted while the Scout is in the air in the event the operator changes positions during an operation. This new FollowMe™ functionality was demonstrated in the 2011 Empire Challenge.

The Aeryon Scout version 5 is available immediately from Aeryon Labs, Inc.

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Aeryon Labs provides robotic solutions to real-world problems through the design and manufacture of best-in-class small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and related systems. Its flagship product, the Scout, allows police, military and civil users to easily collect real-time aerial intelligence, with a system small enough to fit in a backpack or car trunk.  With expertise in robotics, control systems, and digital imaging, the Aeryon team develops state-of-the-art products while remaining focused on end-user ease of use.


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