Package Delivery Payload

Easily carry and deliver payloads up to 2 kg.

Aeryon’s Osprey payload for the SkyRanger R70 provides a simple, flexible and reliable way to attach and carry almost any object weighing up to 2 kg (4.4 lbs). The R70’s adaptive autopilot adjusts for variabilities in mass, volume, and center of gravity, avoiding any need to reconfigure the aircraft or change software settings.

The R70’s Forward-Facing EO/IR payload provides day/night ISR capability when carrying other payloads, and the four downward facing cameras provide the operator the ability to visually localize the drop site.

The Osprey kit comes with a variety of mounting brackets to provide a secure restraint for objects of varying sizes.

A flying claw

Carrying out your mission with Osprey is simple.


1) Affix the object to the Osprey claw.

2) Establish a waypoint.

3) Fly and release (or land and release).


Deliver what’s needed.

OSPREY Mission Types


Need an ad-hoc airborne comms relay? Simply affix a self-powered tactical radio, and using the R70’s patent pending Automatic In-Air Replacement you can establish a persistent, airborne, over-the-hill signal relay in minutes.


Osprey has been used to carry and drop objects ranging from First Aid Kits through other UAVs and UGVs. The unifying theme is that previously a human would need to go into harm’s way to provide aid to a fallen comrade, launch a ground robot inside a building, or resupply a forward position. Using Osprey, it is even possible to deploy another UAV from and airborne R70.


For sensitive site extraction missions, the R70 can land remotely and recover intelligence obtained by dismounted personnel. Press the button to open the latch, affix the cargo, and close the latch.


Have sensitive cargo, or need to emplace a ground sensor? The R70 can land beyond line of sight, and emplace sensors or other sensitive instruments, and then return home.

2019 Osprey - Performance Specifications

Claw Mechanism


Max Payload Capacity

2 kg (4.4 lbs)

Environmental Tolerances
Environmental Temperature

All-weather operations, IP-53 compliant
-4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)


9.6 oz (272g)