SkyRanger Helps Keep the Peace During Port Dover Friday the 13th Motorcycle Rally

Norfolk Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) deployed Aeryon SkyRanger R60 UAS, as part of the security detail for one of the largest single-day motorcycle rallies in the world.

August 7, 2018

Port Dover Friday the 13th

The Annual Friday the 13th Biker Rally in Port Dover, Ontario – Image via Northern Ontario Travel

Every Friday the 13th the normally quiet streets of Port Dover, Ontario are transformed into one of the largest biker rallies in the world as hundreds of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts from across North America descend on the small fishing port on the northern shore of Lake Erie.

With over 200,000 people in the crowd maintaining a peaceful event and the safety of everyone involved is a top priority for local authorities.

The Norfolk Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) deployed two SkyRanger R60 UAS to augment the agency’s security detail during the event and provide real-time aerial intelligence to personnel on the ground.

An OPP pilot operating SkyRanger on a ruggedized tablet.

The OPP leveraged the SkyRanger’s Automatic In-Air Replacement (AIR) technology to maintain persistent overwatch on the crowded streets. Keeping a SkyRanger in the air throughout the duration of the event enabled the OPP to proactively spot commotions in the crowd and quickly direct officers to where they were needed most. During the rally, the SkyRanger R60s completed 30 automatic in-air replacements over a 15-hour period.

Working in coordination with the OPP’s manned helicopter assets, the UAS pilots used AeryonLive to stream the SkyRagner’s live video feeds to officers on the ground and to a mobile command truck for enhanced situational awareness throughout the event.

This year’s rally was considered a great success, with only a few minor incidents despite the huge crowds. Next year’s Friday the 13th celebration will take place in September 2019.

For more information on the SkyRanger R60 for public safety operations visit

For more information on Port Dover Friday the 13th visit the event’s website and watch the Mercer Report video of the event below.