MissionMonitor: Advanced Viewing of ISR Motion Imagery

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MissionMonitor, from General Dynamics Mediaware, is a fully STANAG 4609 and NGA Motion Imagery Standards Profile (MISP) compliant video analysis software platform which enables users to exploit metadata embedded in the video stream. Information relating to aircraft location and heading, target location, and camera positioning is essential for interpreting imagery and deriving actionable intelligence.

By implementing embedded metadata according to the STANAG 4609 standard, and through extensive interoperability testing, Aeryon has ensured compatibility of video captured by the Aeryon SkyRanger with the MissionMonitor software.

Incisive imagery review
Enhances situational awareness
Simplifies analysis and reporting
Reduces user fatigue
Standards compliant (STANAG 4609/NGA MISP)

Key Features:

  • Supports most ISR motion imagery and still image formats
  • Leverages UAS metadata to enhance video analysis
  • Provides detail about the quality of video and metadata
  • Enables troubleshooting of video, metadata and system issues
  • Enhances situational awareness with integrated map views
  • Enables the creation of derived imagery products
  • Populates reports and briefings with extracted images and video clips