Perimeter & Convoy Security


In some cases, the best tactic is an overt operation – you want potential hostiles to know that you’re watching them. To secure a site or manage large crowds of people, the best prevention can be constant, overt monitoring of the site’s perimeter. The Aeryon sUAS enables you to pre-plan the flight path and control multiple units simultaneously so that you can provide consistent and constant aerial security.

Integrated Solutions:

Case Studies:

SkyRanger HDZoom30

Aeryon SkyRanger™

The Aeryon SkyRanger™ sUAS, airframe and integrated platform, is based on successful customer exercises and missions around the world. Ideal for commercial, public safety and military applications, the SkyRanger offers.


Central American Drug Compound Recon

Military-led mission to gain reconnaissance on a suspected drug lord’s compound. Use the aerial intelligence to plan the details of a raid on the compound and arrest the suspect.