Covert Operations


Carefully planning your next move is easier when you know exactly what your target is doing. Instant access to real-time intelligence of the situation – especially when beyond your line of sight – is vital. With the Aeryon sUAS platform, access to this information is literally a few clicks away.

The touch-screen GPS-based interface means you can fly beyond line of sight and see what’s happening anywhere within a 1.9 mile (3.0 km) range. Even night time flying with thermal or infrared imaging is possible since the flyer does not need to be within visual range to control. And, with only four small electric motors the system is quiet, and can hover in place while collecting real-time covert reconnaissance.

Integrated Solutions:

Case Studies:

SkyRanger HDZoom30

Aeryon SkyRanger™

The Aeryon SkyRanger™ sUAS, airframe and integrated platform, is based on successful customer exercises and missions around the world. Ideal for commercial, public safety and military applications, the SkyRanger offers.


Central American Drug Compound Recon

Military-led mission to gain reconnaissance on a suspected drug lord’s compound. Use the aerial intelligence to plan the details of a raid on the compound and arrest the suspect.