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Battle-tested UAS you can trust.

For over a decade, Aeryon has partnered with forces around the globe to deliver VTOL UAS that meet the unique demands of defense and security applications.

Right from the start, Aeryon has been redefining what’s possible with a Group1 asset – from tactical ISR, to compound security and border patrol, Aeryon’s SkyRanger UAS are proven to perform when it matters most.

With more operational heritage than any other Group 1 VTOL in its class, and over 100,000 hours of operational deployments around the globe, the SkyRanger is deployed in some of the harshest environments on the planet. SkyRanger is in operational use by over 20 militaries around the globe and is a key aerial asset for both special operations and conventional forces.

U.S. Military, U.S. Federal Government or U.S. Foreign Military Sales (FMS)?

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Deployed Around The World

The largest militaries in the world fly SkyRanger for a wide range of missions.

Clandestine Operations

See without being seen.

Carefully planning your next move is easier when you know exactly what your target is doing. Instant access to real-time intelligence of the situation – especially when beyond your line of sight – is vital. With the SkyRanger, access to this information is literally a few clicks away.

The touch-screen GPS-based interface means you can fly beyond line of sight and see what’s happening anywhere within a 1.9 mile (3.0 km) range. Even night time flying with thermal or infrared imaging is possible since SkyRanger does not need to be within visual range to control. And, with only four small electric motors the aircraft is quiet, and can hover in place while collecting real-time covert reconnaissance.

Perimeter & Border Patrol

Maintain persistent ISR.

In some cases, the best tactic is an overt operation – you want potential hostiles to know that you’re watching them. To secure a forward operating base, patrol a border or manage large crowds of people, the best prevention can be constant, overt monitoring. SkyRanger enables you to pre-plan its flight path and control the aircraft simultaneously so that you can provide consistent and persistent aerial security.

Tactical Operations

See what’s over the next hill.

When you’re on the ground, in the middle of a mission, there is no time for second guessing – decisions need to be made quickly and decisively. Understanding exactly what’s happening on the other side of the ridge ensures that your ground forces have the information they need to make the best decisions possible.

SkyRanger brings the world of aerial intelligence directly to the teams on the ground. The simple to use touch-screen interface enables any soldier to become an expert in tactical surveillance gathering. Real-time, secure streaming of digital video (day or night) to any device on the network provides the intelligence to the people that require it.