Unmanned Experts Provides Live, Threat-analyzed UAV Imaging to Army Battle Exercise Team

The Aeryon SkyRanger is being piloted by Unmanned Experts’ pilots to provide live battlefield views directly to a command center. In collaboration with Cogniac AI software, they process the image streams to identify friends and foes in near real-time. This military application is being tested to show the capabilities of what the near-future of aerial intelligence looks like.

Hovering steadily above the exercise in spite of 30 knot wind gusts, an Aeryon SkyRanger UAV, piloted by Unmanned Experts, had been streaming a real-time infrared image to the command center. At the center, the imagery was immediately processed by an AI software application from Cogniac to identify and count the vehicles and individuals associated with them and calculate a threat estimate.

The event centered on a contract from the U.S. Army  Systems Adaptive Red Team /Technical Support and Operational Analysis (ART/TSOA) given to San Jose-based Cogniac, a provider of enterprise-level, AI-grade software that provides custom, real-time analysis of video and image data. Cogniac’s mission was to demonstrate the ability of their AI application to provide fast, reliable, and actionable analysis of real-time imagery in a field command environment. To provide the imagery source, Cogniac contracted with Unmanned Experts, a Denver-based UAV services provider with a wide range of project experience, from bridge inspections to FAA drone defense tests, to provide the SkyRanger sUAS and camera and to fly the surveillance missions.

“Drone technology today is flexible and adaptable, so when we got the invitation from Cogniac to participate in this project, we grabbed a workhorse commercial UAV off the shelf, tested the data links, and jumped into the exercise. We broke new ground in several areas: this was our first night-authorized mission; the first time we’ve directly supported a live military exercise, and the first time we’ve fed live imagery to a powerful, real-time software analysis tool.

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[Source: UAS Weekly] [Banner Photo: UAS Weekly]