OPP using drone for Investigations in Northern Ontario

By February 13, 2017In the News

In the Thunder Bay region, the Aeryon SkyRanger is on call for various missions including surveillance of traffic collision sites, criminal investigations, crime scene analysis and search and rescue. The following excerpt is from Thunder Bay News Watch describing exactly how the SkyRanger is being integrated within Ontario Provincial Police’s daily activities.

“At collisions, Bel said, the drone will measure and map the accident site. “It’s actually taking snapshots at pre-determined distances and times. Then we can take the snapshots, ‘stitch them’ together, and put them into an overlay profile of what the crash scene looked like.”  He added that the efficiency of the system can expedite the reopening of a highway following a collision.

Bel said the UAV was also called into action recently in the search for a missing man in the Terrace Bay area. He said the drone was requested because it’s equipped with a forward-looking infrared camera that can detect heat signatures. “It can be put up in the sky and have a look over areas that it would take a great amount of time for officers to get into,” and search for heat given off by the human body.”

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[Source: TBNewsWatch]