Fire services release shocking drone footage of fire

Fire services

Lancashire Fire is fighting a large fire at a salvage yard in the United Kingdom. Using their Aeryon SkyRanger, Lancashire Fire is able to gain aerial intelligence they wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for Aeryon’s technology. Lancashire Fire services have said that firefighters are starting to have an impact on the fire which saw around 400 vehicles on fire at Excell Recycling Centre. Ten crews are now attending the fire which has mostly been put out and reduced to smoke.

“In the film, flames can be seen shooting up tens of meters into the air while thick black smoke billows around the site of the fire. Firefighters can be seen valiantly battling the flames with hosepipes while lorries pass the scene on the nearby M65. The footage was shot by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Services using a drone from Canadian based company Aeryon Labs.”

Lancashire Fire started using SkyRanger this past summer for many use cases including gas leaks, missing persons, large and small scale fires and building collapses.

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[Source: Lancashire Evening Post]

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