Watch this fire service’s SkyRanger in action as it helps save lives across Lancashire

The Aeryon SkyRanger has become the go-to piece of technology for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Services since September 1st, 2016. In the article below, Lancashire Evening Post shows SkyRanger footage from a wood yard fire along with an Oxyacetylene fire that was successfully put out thanks to the aerial intelligence and HDZoom30 capabilities. The pilots were able to assess the situation and take the safe, and proper steps to extinguish the fire. It’s also been utilized by the Fire and Rescue Service to fight blazes, find missing persons and assess road collisions.

“The drone’s official launch was only on September 1 but it seems that Lancashire Fire and Rescue’s newest recruit, an Aeryon Labs Skyranger drone, has quite literally had a baptism of fire. It has already attended 74 incidents including seven fatal road collisions, 29 missing persons, and 34 fire related incidents including a major blaze at a sawdust mill in Farrington Moss and one of the most hazardous types of fire, an Oxyacetylene fire in Nether Kellet. [using the drone] we were able to make an assessment that the valve cluster on the cylinder was undamaged by the fire. We were then able to send an officer in to isolate the valve which then let the flame die down. “The big benefit of using the drone is that fire fighters’ lives weren’t put at risk. “

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[Source: Lancashire Evening Post]

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