Drones A Vital Tool For Police Officers and Firefighters

When sUAS are put into the hands of First Responders, plenty of good can come from it. That’s why more and more police officers and firefighters are using the Aeryon SkyRanger for daily activities. From aerial intelligence to missing persons and finding heat sources for firefighters, the SkyRanger is a reliable piece of technology. Consumer Reports explains a certain use case with the Michigan State Police and how they used SkyRanger to investigate a suspicious fire.

“In February 2015, the Michigan State Police received FAA approval to fly a SkyRanger quadcopter made by Canada’s Aeryon Labs for public safety efforts. A week later, troopers used it to investigate a suspicious fire in Jenison. According to Aeryon CEO David Kroetsch, the craft can also be used to conduct search-and-rescue operations, gather aerial intelligence for SWAT teams, and even map accident scenes. That last task usually involves an officer on foot measuring the crash site and sketching the details on graph paper—a system ripe for inaccuracy, given the time constraints. With a drone and a laptop, he can instead stitch together a series of geotagged photos and even film fly-throughs to determine what drivers might have seen in the moments before impact. “That’s evidence-grade data,” Kroetsch says, “and it can be done in 15 minutes.” By completing the mapping quickly, officers can reduce the length of lane closures on busy highways, potentially sparing hundreds of thousands of dollars in tolls for a state, he says.”

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[Source: Consumer Reports]