Drones, Microsoft Help Fly Police Data Into the Cloud

During this year’s IACP 2016 conference, the Aeryon SkyRanger and AeryonLive was featured alongside the Microsoft Advanced Patrol Platform, a smart patrol car which debuted at last year’s IACP expo and helps bring critical data into the cloud.

“Microsoft wants to bring law enforcement into the “cloud” and drones can help lift them to new heights. The combo will allow real-time video to be streamed from drone-mounted cameras, providing up-to-the-minute situational awareness both to officers on the ground and commanders located anywhere with Internet access.”

“There will be an unmanned aircraft of some type in every police car, in every fire truck, at least in the country,” Aeryon representative Donald Shinnamon said. “The applications for public safety are tremendous.”

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[Source: Dronelife.com]