Ikena ISR: Real-time Video Enhancement & 2D Mapping Software

Ikena ISR is a Windows-based software solution from MotionDSP that enables organizations to:

  • Process and enhance live aerial video streams in real time
  • Create 2D maps from video – in minutes
  • Detect and track moving objects as small as 1-2 pixels wide

Ikena ISR uses MotionDSP’s patented high-performance image processing and computer vision algorithms to quickly get results. It uses commercial graphics processors (GPUs) so it can operate on any commercial workstation or laptop (meeting these system requirements) allowing analysts to get actionable intelligence, even when they’re in the field.

Ikena ISR improves live video feeds from unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in real-time, providing higher quality video for full-motion video analysts and other users when tasking, collecting, processing and disseminating the required information.

MotionDSP Ikena ISR Key Features

Video Enhancement2D Mapping
  • Super Resolution – Patented algorithm combines multiple frames of video to recover details and remove noise.
  • Radial Distortion Correction – Correct “fisheye” distortion of wide-angle lenses common on drones and GoPro cameras.
  • Lighting & Contrast – Enhance detail in shadows or darker areas of the video.
  • Deinterlacing – Recover twice the resolution with patented kernel regression deinterlacing.
  • Haze Reduction – Adaptively remove haze from video taken at long distance or nearby.
  • Stabilization – Remove shaky video segments with multi-frame stabilization.
  • Enhance – A suite of image processing algorithms address issues such as haze, blur and contrast in real-time.
  • Match – Replace existing or missing metadata by aligning features within video frames to existing basemap imagery.
  • Mosaic – Create seamless mosaics in minutes where every frame of video is stitched with previous frames.
  • Display – Overlay collected data on Google Earth or ArcGIS to create up-to-date maps from video.
Detection & TrackingAugmented Reality
  • Automatically detect and track multiple moving objects – vehicles, watercraft and people – as small as one to two pixels wide.
  • Overlay street names, addresses, and other important areas of interest on live video to improve situational awareness.
  • Mark locations of interest, crash scenes during traffic pursuits, and other important location data by simply clicking on the video feed.
  • Trace the path of a vehicle or person by simply panning your camera. Ikena ISR uses the center frame location to create accurate poly-line shapefiles that are easy to share with any GIS system

For more information and specifications, download the brochure.