High-Fidelity Daylight & Infrared Imaging Payload

Stay on target with enhanced daylight and thermal imagery.

The Aeryon EO/IR Mk-II is the next-generation FLIR multi-sensor imaging payload for the SkyRanger.

Ideal for both day and night-time operations, the EO/IR Mk-II imaging payload delivers enhanced thermal (IR) imagery in a range of color palettes – white-hot, black-hot, rainbow and iron bow.

Additional features include:

  • Passive and active mechanical stabilization, as well as digital image stabilization
  • A choice of IR lenses – 19mm focal length (tactical applications) and 13mm (thermal mapping or SAR applications)
  • Advanced radiometric temperature measurement, accurate to +/- 9˚ F (5˚ C)
  • A rugged, environmentally tolerant design tested to IP-53 standards, enabling all-weather operation
  • See the EO/IR Mk-II In Action

    Tactical Operations


    Fire Fighting




    Vector Target Tracking

    Aeryon’s Vector Target Tracking software automatically targets and tracks moving objects up to 3 miles away. The tracking algorithm adapts in real-time to changes in target shape and maintains a hold on the target even when its position changes or another object obstructs the view.

    • Automatically Tracks up to 10 Different Objects
    • In Both EO and IR
    • Calculate Target Geolocation, Heading and Speed

    2018 EO/IR Mk-II - Performance Specifications


    • 13 Megapixels Stills
    • 1080p60 H.264 HD Recorded Video
    See Full Specifications

    Image Stills

    EO: 13 Megapixels (4192 x 3104 pixels)
    IR: (640 x 512 pixels)

    Field of View

    EO: 58˚
    IR: 45˚ (13mm) or 32˚ (19mm)

    Video Resolution – Recorded

    EO: 1080p30 H.264 HD
    IR: 640×512, 30 FPS H.264

    Video Resolution – Streamed

    EO: Up to 1080p
    IR: Up to VGA


    EO: 30 FPS (stabilized on aircraft SD)
    IR: 30 FPS (stabilized on aircraft SD)

    Color Palettes

    White-hot, Black-hot, Rainbow, Ironbow

    Gimbal Stabilization


    Range of Motion

    Roll: +/- 20˚
    Pitch: +/- 60˚
    Yaw: +/- 20˚

    Video Metadata

    Embedded STANAG 4609 KLV Metadata

    Digital Enhancements

    Active Contrast Enhancement (ACE)
    Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
    Information Based Histogram Equalization (IBHEQ) Isotherms

    Environmental Tolerances
    Environmental Temperature

    All-weather operations, IP-53 compliant
    -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C)


    20oz (575g)

    Built Tough.

    Extreme Reliability

    Ruggedized and weather-sealed gimbal provides dependable operation in wet, sandy, or humid environments, as well as in extreme winds and temperatures.

    Dynamic Control

    Precise Click-to-Aim™ camera control and the ability to easily adjust settings while airborne (exposure, ISO, zoom and more) improves operator effectiveness and gathered imagery.

    GIS-Ready Imagery

    Embedded geotags and meta data enable precise geolocation and use of industry standard tools for post-processing into stitched images, map overlays, 3D models, and more.

    All-Digital Network

    Optional encrypted transmission protects against hacking, snooping, and interception, while simultaneously streaming multicast video to multiple devices in the secure network.