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Secure Aerial Inspections at Scale

Proactively identify risks while improving safety and lowering costs.

Aeryon has been working with utilities across North America to develop an efficient, end-to-end drone inspection solution that rapidly delivers detailed condition reports by collecting, processing and analyzing high resolution photographic data that is then integrated with your existing EAM systems.

Developed in partnership with Black & Veatch, Aeryon’s new end-to-end drone inspection solution streamlines your inspection workflow, enabling you to inspect more towers with fewer resources.

An End-to-End Inspection Solution

EAM Integration

Integration to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems is essential for the receipt & return of essential inspection information for key decision-making processes

Work Initiation

A “Per Asset” view of the inspection requirements including Operator, Equipment, Location, Data (Logs, imagery & Processed Reports)

Work Planning

Application specific scripts for optimized data quality, efficiency and repeatability for the routine inspection of common assets.  Includes flight scripting, automation and enforced workflows

Fleet & Operator Management

Manage internal and/or outsourced resources to ensure required deliverables, while also maintaining compliance to training, pilot currency and other workflow standards

Schedule & Dispatch

Schedule and assign projects or multiple jobs to certified operators and inspection teams.  Access a network of drone service providers to meet routine or emergency service needs

Flight Operations

Utilize best in class drone technology capable of all-weather condition operations, flight automation for designated tasks, secure data transfers and ready in minutes to deliver targeted imagery for condition and defect detection.  Safe, robust, simple and reliable

Analytics & Reporting

Purpose built analytics and reporting to detect anomalies and assess damage, monitor change over time and feed decision making information to EAM systems.  The solution ensures compliance to cyber security standards, enhances asset health indexes and provides structured data for capital & risk management assessment

More Towers. Fewer Resources. Less Risk.

“With Aeryon’s refined UAS inspection solutions, clients can complete 20 or more tower inspections per person, per day – a 50 percent improvement in efficiency over current methods. Collaborating with Aeryon allows us to deliver these results consistently and at scale.”

– David Price, CTO Black & Veatch Management Consulting

How Industrial Operators Use SkyRanger

From routine transmission tower inspections to emergency response when disaster strikes, commercial operators fly SkyRanger to streamline their aerial inspection workflow.

Asset Inspection

A more flexible alternative to traditional solutions.

With SkyRanger’s ability to fly pre-planned flight paths, operators easily monitor key infrastructure assets.

  • T&D Towers
  • Wind Farms
  • Substations
  • Solar Farms
  • Bridges
  • Flare-Stacks

Emergency Response

Improve safety while lowering costs.

The SkyRanger R60 can provide security surveillance to deter vandalism on remote gear and make it safer for utility workers to climb poles and towers. The efficiency of the SkyRanger enables utilities to increase their routine inspections and guarantee safety for employees.

Surveying & Mapping

Streamlined aerial imagery.

Aeryon sUAS provide an integrated end-to-end surveying and GIS (Geographical Information System) solution. The immediate and reliable collection of high quality aerial imagery and a variety of image processing options give everyday users and GIS specialists the ability to gather aerial imagery faster, more accurately and more cost-effectively than satellites, manned aircraft or ground-based measurements. The data and imagery collected enables users to create high resolution 2D orthomosaics and maps, 3D and digital surface models (DSM), and other GIS datasets.

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