Projeto Redentor: Mapping Christ the Redeemer

Mapping Christ the Redeemer

Aeryon sUAV platform collects images and data needed to reconstruct the first accurate 3D model of Christ the Redeemer monument

The Núcleo de Experimentação Tridimensional (NEXT) department of PUC University in Rio de Janeiro contacted Pix4D to determine if a 3D reconstruction could be achieved using image processing technology and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for data acquisition. Pix4D took on the challenge along with Aeryon Labs Inc. for the data acquisition and PUC’s NEXT Lab for the organization of all project logistics.

After months of planning, the project team came together in Rio de Janeiro in October 2014.

The team faced many challenges to get the high-resolution data and images needed to document the project and create the model. They created the following materials to help explain and share their experiences.

I've flown Aeryon UAV for a number of years in a variety of locations around the world, but Projeto Redentor was one of the most challenging projects. Despite having numerous factors of the project beyond our control, I was confident that the Scout would produce reliable data and a spectacular final result.

April Blaylock, Senior Unmanned Aerial Systems Engineer at Aeryon Labs


Mapping Christ the Redeemer: Aeryon Labs and Pix4D create the first high-resolution 3D model of one of the world’s most recognized monuments.

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White Paper

This white paper highlights the workflow, from data acquisition to image processing and the generation of the 3D model (point cloud and textured mesh) as the final output result.

Download here (3mb)

Discover the 3D model on Sketchfab