Secure Image and Video Management for AeryonLive

Secure Image and Video Management for AeryonLive

The next evolution of AeryonLive enhances existing live video, telemetry and fleet management capabilities to enable flexible, immediate decision making and data analysis.

Since its introduction in May 2016, AeryonLive has set the standard for the distribution of real-time video and telemetry, as well as secure, online fleet and equipment management. The next evolution of AeryonLive is now possible with the addition of integrated Media Management workflows. These new capabilities complement and expand the value of existing features of the platform.

Aeryon’s approach to Media Management is unique. We have focused on the urgency and prioritization of the information, as not all imagery is equal in this regard. For example, SWAT missions require immediate distribution of intelligence – a single photo that aides in identifying a suspect or a positive ID on a license plate. At the other end of the spectrum are Search and Rescue (SAR) missions – where there is a slightly longer time horizon, but the volume of data is much higher. To this end, AeryonLive Media Management provides three distinct workflows to deliver and manage imagery acquired in varying UAS operations:

Secure Image and Video Management for AeryonLiveImmediate, In-Flight Image & Video Distribution: During a live flight, when an up-close look is required, AeryonLive enables a remote viewer, even on the other side of the world, to request a still image, up to 20MP. While the UAS is still in-flight, the images are delivered immediately over the secure, bonded cellular connection without any action or intervention by the pilot of the UAS.

In-Field, Post-Flight Upload: Enables sharing large datasets without leaving the field, and performing remote post-processing without interrupting flight operations. AeryonLive utilizes the bonded cellular uplink from the GoBox to securely deliver a full flight’s worth of imagery to AeryonLive in less than 15 minutes.

Post-Mission Upload: Using the AeryonLive Connect media upload application for Windows, macOS/OSX, and Linux, images can be batch uploaded to AeryonLive from anywhere.

Access to all media is permission-based for authenticated users only. AeryonLive’s secure architecture enables export to third-party archival and processing environments. This includes secure storage in platforms such as Microsoft Azure, widely adopted as the platform of choice for evidentiary-grade online storage of digital imagery. In the future, stored media will be appended to flight, pilot, and equipment records – providing a comprehensive view on UAS operations and outputs.

“The Microsoft Cloud platform is designed to support public safety and justice agencies that require speed, scale, security features, and compliance with regulatory standards,” said Jamie Wylly, General Manager, Worldwide Public Safety and National Security, Microsoft. “By building on Microsoft’s trusted and intelligent cloud platform, AeryonLive can enhance its customer services and help agencies improve operations and better protect citizens.”

An initial 5GB of AeryonLive Media Management capabilities will be available to all AeryonLive Fleet Management subscribers in Q4 2016, with additional storage available. Certain capabilities which rely on the bonded cellular connectivity, require an additional subscription to AeryonLive Video and Telemetry.

For more information about AeryonLive and Microsoft Azure, visit Aeryon (Booth #1519) and Microsoft (Booth #2531) at the IACP 2016 Conference (until October 18th) or contact us.