Critical HAZMAT Response – Louisville Train Crash

By November 14, 2012Blog
Critical HAZMAT Response – Louisville Train Crash

Louisville, Kentucky, was the scene of a recent train derailment involving several hazardous material containers.  The Scout was used to provide emergency response personnel with critical information to aid in containing both the fire and potential chemical contamination – protecting both first responders and the general public.

Following the massive derailment of a train carrying containers of highly flammable materials and other dangerous chemicals, Scout was used to inspect the scene for any leaks, fires or hotspots. Imagery from the Scout alerted rescue teams to a fire in close proximity to a chemical container. The train derailed within 200 feet of homes and prompted immediate evacuation of the nearby area.

In addition to observing the structure and container placement from the accident, ground crews were also concerned about the risks of erosion from water hoses being used to fight the fire.
This mission, performed by Drone Systems in coordination with Datron World Communications ( was yet another great example of how sUAS can be used to help first-on-scene responders to quickly analyze a scene and plan their response without exposing ground personnel to unnecessary risk.  This topic was explored in more detail in our last blog post about the controlled crash of a large airplane – “sUAS – isolating the ‘manned’ element from dangerous environments

[Source: This blog post is based on full story published here: Drone Systems]