Accident Measurements in Minutes = Traffic Relief

By November 21, 2012Blog
Accident Measurements in Minutes = Traffic Relief

Remember the last time you were stuck in traffic due to an accident? Chances are that a significant amount of the time required to re-open the roadway was due to the need for detailed scene measurements, used by police forensics teams to investigate causes and effects of the crash.  High resolution aerial images taken from the Scout in 5-10 minutes can be used for accurate scene measurements, replacing a ground-based process which could take 1.5 hours or longer to survey the same area.

In this blog post we are highlighting an Aeryon Scout application which clearly demonstrates the unique benefits of sUAS including immediate availability, high resolution and precisely geo-referenced imagery – and critically, time and cost savings.

This ‘crash scene’ in particular was actually a recent live-crash simulation held as part of an accident reconstruction training course by members of the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) and Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) forensics units. Common accident investigation protocol requires investigators to answer some key questions related to an accident, such as ”What caused the crash?”, “How can the road be efficiently cleaned and reopened?”, “Can anything be done to prevent such a situation from reoccurring?”.

Exercise participants where able to compare the process and results for gathering measurements using aerial imagery from the Scout, against traditional tools including ground survey equipment commonly known as a ‘Total Station’. You can see the detailed resuts including a short video in the mission summary.