AeryonLive - Video and Telemetry

Real-time Distribution of UAS Video and Telemetry

AeryonLive gets the right data to the right people, at the right time, enabling prompt and accurate decision making. For emergency response, search and rescue or critical infrastructure inspection, this means saving time, money or even lives.

AeryonLive Video & Telemetry is an integrated solution that streams live video and aircraft telemetry from the Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS across a secure, reliable bonded cellular network connection.

AeryonLive Video & Telemetry is available, globally, to Aeryon SkyRanger customers today. For terms and pricing, please Request a Quote.

Low-latency video – distribution in under 5 seconds glass-to-glass
Redundant, high-bandwidth communications – video streams across up to 6 cellular networks and WiFi, satellite or Ethernet connections
Real-time telemetry – readout of critical aspects of aircraft location and performance indicators, including airspeed, battery levels, wind speed, restricted airspace, etc.
Remote control – certain aspects of video feed can be controlled by viewers (e.g. toggle stream on/off, or switch EO and IR cameras)
Role-based permissions – user management and content access
Turnkey solution – a single source of software, hardware and network airtime
No apps required – secure, browser-based access from any size of screen
Secure deployment options – choose between cloud-based infrastructure or on-premise (physical) server

As a first-response agency, it is critical that our chain of command sees what the SkyRanger sees, without delay. Watching the live video as well as telemetry gives everyone involved the critical data that’s needed when responding to incidents. AeryonLive has become an indispensable asset to our UAS operations.
Mark Fairclough, Station Manager, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service


Video Quality:

Supports up to 1080i/60;
5mbps rtsp/rtmp,


Under 5 seconds glass-to-glass

Supported (Browser-based) Platforms:

Windows, Mac (OSX)
Android, iOS


Telemetry & map overlay generated in-flight
Positional data streamed & updated every second

Deployment Options

Secure Cloud-based infrastructure (HTTPS proxy secure)
On-premise server (2-source configuration)

Network Connectivity via Dejero GoBox:

Up to 6x 3G/4G/LTE + WiFi, Ethernet, satellite (BGAN, Ku-band, Ka-band)
Secure bonded-cellular transmission
Enhanced antennas for up to 4x improvement in RF coverage

Dimensions (WxHxD)

GoBox: 13.8 x 12.0 x 7.0 in.
(35 x 30.4 x 17.8 cm)


GoBox: 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg)
without batteries

GoBox Operating Temperature

0° C to +50° C (32° F to 122° F)
Qualified operation up to 95% RH