AeryonLive Security – Infrastructure and Management

Solution archictecture, security by design

The sharing and storage of your aerial data and imagery cannot, and should not be compromised. With this in mind, the AeryonLive platform is designed and built with the understanding that privacy and protection are priorities within your organization. The following security features are standard in each AeryonLive solution, so that you can focus on your projects and operations:

Infrastructure and Architecture

  • Cloud infrastructure
    • Hosted at SOC, ISO 27001, and PCI Security Standards Council Participating Organization compliant facilities
    • Strict VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) rules enable secure communication between cloud components without compromising the overall performance and reliability of the Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS
  • Self-diagnosis and healing
    • Redundant system monitoring
    • Redundant and dynamically scaling infrastructure
    • Integrated email communication for immediate notification and triage
  • Data in transit
    • HTTPS/SSL and proprietary protocols
    • Video packets are sent over (up to) 6 cellular connections – all data is divided, obfuscated and sent across multiple channels*
    • Encrypted video and telemetry sent to your secure AeryonLive account on any internet – connected device (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows)
    • Communication from viewers to the pilot also secured using HTTPS

*Third-party security analysis was unable to access or reassemble video

Data and Loss Prevention

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plan
    • New environment setup once a quarter
    • Cloud infrastructure redundant across multiple data centers and configured to be migrated to other regions in minutes
    • Real-time monitoring and automatic data backup
  • Privacy and Security
    • AeryonLive Video & Telemetry data is never stored
  • Authentication audit logging and brute force detection

Identity and Access Management

  • Passwords are never stored in a readable format – credentials are stored as a secure, salted hash
  • User generated credentials and authentication with enforced password complexity
  • Customer controlled permissions and visibility
  • HMAC Authentication leveraged for API access – secure message within a secure pipe

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AeryonLive Security