AeryonLive - Fleet Management

Automatic Fleet Management and Aircraft Analytics

As UAS fleets increase in size and aircraft are flown more frequently, the need to maintain accurate flight logs and equipment records, and submit timely reports to regulators and insurers, becomes more challenging for UAS operators.

AeryonLive Fleet Management automates this previously manual process by maintaining an online connection to the UAS and providing deep, subsystem-level analytics on all aspects of usage and performance of a UAS fleet. This eliminates the risk of user error in record keeping, and presents a wealth of precise and detailed data on the aircraft and its subsystems (such as individual batteries) to help ensure airworthiness and maintain compliance with regulators and insurers.

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AeryonLive Fleet Management capabilities provide:

Pilot records – Detailed pilot records, including frequency and duration of flights, flight locations, and equipment flown
Equipment details – Accurate analytics on aircraft status and performance, including N-number, software versions, battery capacity/cycles, hours on airframe
Automatic flight log reporting – Detailed flight records, including location, max airspeed and altitude, aircraft/equipment used, and other key data with automatic export capabilities for generating reports

AeryonLive Fleet Management gives me the real-time, status of our aircraft and sub systems as the fleet data is automatically uploaded. This enables me to provide proactive solutions for our operations team, while minimizing inefficiencies and pilot down time. In addition to lowering the inherent cost associated with flight data management, AeryonLive Fleet Management eliminates the logistics headaches associated with traditional UAS systems.
Jeremy Prine, Logistics Manager for Talon Aerolytics