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Ideal for commercial and public safety organizations, this multifaceted solution enables more scalable and sophisticated UAS deployments. Comprised of complementary solutions – AeryonLive Video and Telemetry and AeryonLive Fleet Management – the platform will evolve to offer additional capabilities. The platform also automates online reporting to ensure that operations remain compliant with internal practices, airspace regulators and insurers – especially for larger, geographically-dispersed fleets.

AeryonLive – Real-time Video & Telemetry

AeryonLive Video and Telemetry enables low-latency (under 5 seconds glass-to-glass), live video streaming capabilities with a real-time readout of critical aspects of aircraft location and performance. Ideal for first responders and critical infrastructure inspectors, the video can be delivered to all screens (from a monitor in a command center to a smartphone in the field) without the need for client applications, and enables remote viewers to control certain aspects of the video feed.

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AeryonLive – Fleet Management

As UAS fleets increase in size and frequency of use, the need to maintain accurate flight logs and equipment records, and submit timely reports to regulators and insurers, becomes both more critical and more challenging.

AeryonLive Fleet Management automates this previously manual process by maintaining an online connection to the UAS and providing deep, subsystem-level analytics on all aspects of usage and performance of a UAS fleet. This eliminates the risk of user error in record keeping, and presents a wealth of precise and detailed data on the aircraft and its subsystems (such as individual batteries) to help ensure airworthiness and maintain compliance with regulators and insurers.

AeryonLive – Secure Image and Video Management

The ability to securely manage your image and video files enable flexible, immediate decision making and data analysis.

Since its introduction in May 2016, AeryonLive has set the standard for the distribution of real-time video and telemetry, as well as secure, online fleet and equipment management. Media management workflows extended it’s capabilities to include:

  • Immediate, In-Flight Image & Video Distribution
  • In-field, Post-flight Upload
  • Post-Mission Upload

Remote UAS Control, From Anywhere In The World

To enable truly distributed decision making, and enable prompt and effective response in time-critical scenarios, Aeryon deployed a set of enhancements to enable real-time collaboration between remote personnel and the UAS operator in-field

AeryonLive Security – Infrastructure and Management

The sharing and storage of your aerial data and imagery cannot, and should not be compromised. With this in mind, the AeryonLive platform is designed and built with the understanding that privacy and protection are priorities within your organization.

AeryonLive Security – Infrastructure & Management

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