Aeryon SR-EO/IR Mk II Imaging Payload

Stay on target with enhanced, daylight and thermal aerial imagery

The Aeryon SR-EO/IR Mk II is the next-generation multi-sensor imaging payload for the Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS.

Delivering high-definition daylight and thermal imagery in a weather-resistant, 3-axis stabilized gimbal, the EO/IR Mk II provides critical infrastructure inspectors, public safety agency and first responders anytime/anywhere, immediate aerial intelligence.

Ideal for day & night-time operations, the EO/IR Mk II imaging payload provides:

  • Passive and active mechanical stabilization, as well as digital image stabilization
  • Enhanced thermal (IR) imagery in a range of color palettes – white-hot, black-hot, rainbow and ironbow
  • HD 1080p video streamed securely to the pilot, and to remote personnel anywhere in the world through AeryonLive
  • Rugged, environmentally tolerant design tested to IP-53 standards, enabling all-weather operation
  • Choice of IR lenses – 19mm focal length (tactical applications) and 13mm (thermal mapping or SAR applications)
  • Advanced radiometric temperature measurement, accurate to +/- 9o F (5o C)1

Designed to capture high-resolution, precise images and video, the EO/IR Mk II can also be deployed with optional onboard image processing capabilities. The Vector™ embedded computing platform automates the identification and tracking of moving targets, as well as maintain a fixed hold on stationary objects while the aircraft is repositioned.

Vector uses advanced video processing algorithms to maximize operator efficiency when tracking objects, and optimize target identification and acquisition.The tracking algorithm adapts in real-time to changes in target shape and maintains a hold on the target even when its position changes or another object obstructs the view. Applications for both camera sensors of the Vector-enabled EO/IR Mk II include:

  • Target Tracker:
    • Automatically holds a stationary or moving target centrally in the camera’s field of view (FoV) by repositioning the gimbal and aircraft
    • Enables the real-time calculation of a moving target’s heading and speed in both daylight (EO) and Infrared (IR) video.
  • Moving Target Indicator (MTI): Automatically annotates up to 10 moving objects within the camera’s FoV
  • Digital Image Stabilization (DIS): Onboard video stabilization. This is achieved through the software and is in addition to the mechanical stabilization from the gimbal

Additionally, real-time temperature information through the Spot Meter feature is now available on the live IR video feed.

For more information and specifications, download the brochure that meets your application needs.


Stills13 megapixels
File FormatJPG
Video Resolution1080p H.264 HD recorded
HD streamed to Mission Control Station (MCS)
STANAG 4609 metadata
Field of View58º
File FormatJPG
Video Resolution640×512, 8.33 FPS H.264 Recorded
640×512 streamed to Mission Control Station (MCS)
STANAG 4609 metadata
Field of View45º (13mm) / 32º (19mm)
Color palettesWhite-hot, Black-hot, Rainbow, Ironbow
Digital EnhancementsACE2, DDE3, Isotherms, IBHEQ4
Removable memorySD card onboard aircraft
Weight20 oz (575 g)
Operating temperature-22 to 122ºF (-30 to 50ºC)
Gimbal Features• 3-axis stabilization
• Range of motion:
• Roll: +/- 20 degrees
• Pitch: +/- 60 degrees
• Yaw: +/- 20 degrees
MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (VECTOR)Aeryon Mission Control Station (MCS) software version 3.6.0+
Vector-enabled Aeryon SR-EO/IR Mk II Imaging Payload

1 – Enabled in a future software release
2 – Active Contrast Enhancement
3 – Digital Detail Enhancement
4 – Information Based Histogram Equalization
5 – Technical specifications and design subject to change without notice