Aeryon Map Edition

The Aeryon Map Edition, a bundled option for Aeryon sUAS, is designed for any application that requires survey-grade accuracy orthomosaics, DSMs and point clouds from aerial or oblique imagery – and seamless integration with GIS, CAD, and traditional photogrammetry software.

The Aeryon Map Edition includes:

Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS

Integrated imaging payload for image capture

Pix4Dmapper software to enable field and office image processing, including integrated tools for 3D output visualization and editing

Pix4Dmapper aerial image processing software produces geo-referenced orthmosaics, DSMs and point clouds with survey-grade accuracy. The software includes innovative and fully integrated editing tools. Annotated objects and results can be seamlessly imported into any GIS or CAD software.

Pix4Dmapper includes the rayCloud, an innovative concept combining the 3D point cloud with the original images for easy viewing as well as highly accurate semantic annotation and project improvement.

Pix4Dmapper’s automated workflow is intuitive and easy to use, and enables users to:

Have full control over all tie points, calibration and results

View, assess, edit, interpret and improve results directly in the software

Annotate and measure objects with the highest accuracy

Use annotations to reprocess projects to improve the overall project accuracy

For more information and specifications, download the brochure.

Pix4Dmapper Key Features

Output resultsInput options
  • 2D output results
    • Geo-referenced orthomosaics in GeoTIFF output format
    • Google tiles export in KML and HTML output format
  • 3D output results
    • Geo-referenced DSMs in GeoTIFF output format
    • TIN model
    • Point cloud in LAS, LAZ, XYZ and PLY output format
  • Object export in DXF, SHP and KML format
  • Quality report

2D and 3D output results are easily readable by standard GIS, CAD and Photogrammetry software packages.

  • Aerial and oblique imagery is supported and can be stitched together
  • Integrated support for Aeryon cameras and imagery
  • Multi-camera support (several cameras for one project, including RGB and IR)
  • Ground Control Point (GCP) and other coordinate reference system support
  • Rapid check & full processing mode
  • UAV-optimized Automatic Aerial Triangulation (AAT) and Bundle Block Adjustment (BBA)
  • Point cloud densification (including editable point cloud filtering & smoothing)
  • Local and Cloud processing
  • Project merging
  • Mosaic editor: Seam-line editing, image selecting and replacing, color balancing and mosaic improvement
  • rayCloud editor: Accuracy assessment and improvement, camera viewing and editing, 3D break-line annotation, stockpile annotation and measurement, CAD modelling – and editing for GCPs, Check Points, and Manual Tie PointsFor more information about the rayCloud editor watch this introductory video