Aeryon HDZoom30 Imaging Payload

High resolution aerial images and video with the detail you need

The Aeryon HDZoom30 is a fully-integrated, ruggedized, high performance electro-optical camera payload designed for demanding applications that require clear and precise images.

The Aeryon HDZoom30 integrates seamlessly with the Aeryon SkyRanger™ sUAS platform and offers 3-axis stabilization using brushless motors to ensure that detailed and accurate video and photographs are captured, even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Optional onboard image processing capabilities provide the automatic identification and tracking of moving targets. Pilots can also maintain a fixed hold on stationary objects while the aircraft is repositioned. The tracking algorithm adapts in real-time to changes in target shape and maintains a hold on the target even when its position changes or another object obstructs the view.

The optional Vector™ embedded computing platform employs advanced video processing algorithms to maximize operator efficiency and optimize target identification and acquisition. Initial applications deployed on the Vector-enabled HDZoom30 imaging payload include:

  • Target Tracker: Automatically holds a stationary or moving target centrally in the camera’s field of view (FoV) by repositioning the gimbal and aircraft
  • Moving Target Indicator (MTI): Automatically annotates up to 10 moving objects within the camera’s FoV
  • Digital Image Stabilization (DIS): onboard video stabilization

For commercial sUAS operators, the HDZoom30 enables close inspection tasks on critical infrastructure such as power lines, flare stacks, and cellular towers, by delivering detailed, high-resolution images without bringing the aircraft into unnecessarily close proximity to the structure. For instance, an operator can read the serial number on a power line insulator from a safe distance of 100 ft. (30 m).

In Tactical ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) situations, police and military teams can keep eyes-on-target from a maximum stand-off distance ensuring safe and covert operations. The HDZoom30 increases operational effectiveness by capturing distant targets in great detail. For example, Aeryon SkyRanger operators can now read a license plate and recognize a face from a distance of over 1000 ft. (300 m).

Police Magazine - Reader Choice 2015

20 megapixels

up to 30x

up to 60x

1080p60 H.264 HD recorded

For more information and specifications, download the brochure that meets your application needs.




Ruggedized and weather-sealed gimbal provides dependable operation in wet, sandy, or humid environments, as well as in extreme winds and temperatures.

Embedded geotags and meta data enable precise geolocation and use of industry standard tools for post-processing into stitched images, map overlays, 3D models, and more

Precise Click-to-Aim™ camera control and the ability to easily adjust settings while airborne (exposure, ISO, zoom and more) improves operator effectiveness and gathered imagery

Optional encrypted transmission protects against hacking, snooping, and interception, while simultaneously streaming multicast video to multiple devices in the secure network