William McHale

Chief Executive Officer

Bill is responsible for the overall strategy for Aeryon Labs and its subsidiaries, as the company expands globally to provide drone-based solutions to military organizations, public safety agencies and commercial businesses.

He has been the CEO of multiple high-tech companies for over 25 years, is a graduate of Villanova’s School of Business, was a Lieutenant in the US Navy and is a Vietnam veteran.

Prior to becoming the CEO of Aeryon Labs in April 2017, Bill led DSET Corporation, a network management company, through an IPO on NASDAQ and ran Cerebrus Solutions, an artificial intelligence platform developer, based in the UK. He  led Actix, Ltd., a mobile network optimization company, in London, UK for four years and through its sale to Amdocs, Inc. He is also Chairman of the Board of Masternaut, Ltd, a telematics company, based in London, UK.

Bill enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid tennis player and golfer.