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GoPro HD HERO3 Imaging Payload

This video was captured using the GoPro HD HERO2 payload

gopro hero3 gimbal aeryon



The GoPro HD HERO3, an integrated imaging payload, captures stabilized high definition aerial video and high resolution still images, useful for a variety of applications.

Click-to-aim camera control, precision tracking, and automated flight stabilization make the Aeryon Scout the ideal aerial platform for reliable collection of professional HD video. All-weather performance including the ability to fly in high winds allow the user to capture imagery whenever and wherever needed.

In addition to the standard GoPro HD HERO3 lens, the stabilized camera mount can also be used with after-market, narrow-view lenses installed by Aeryon Labs.

Camera Optics

  • Ultra wide angle/reduced distortion
  • Selectable FOVs: 170º, 127º, 90º
  • 2x better low-light performance than previous GoPro models
  • Image capture: 12MP, 7MP, 5MP
  • Capable of burst capture at 30FPS


  • Resolution: 1080p @ 60FPS, 720p @ 120FPS

Gimbal Features

  • Roll and pitch movement at 300 degrees per second
  • Range of motion:
    • Roll: +/- 30 degrees
    • Pitch: +/- 60 degrees
    • Yaw: +/- 15 degrees


GoPro HERO3 Payload Brochure

GoPro-HERO3-Brochure.pdf 1.46 MB 31/05/2013 15:20:12 Download


Example Applications

Aerial Photography


Capture 12 megapixel photos, or record stunning 1080p HD video from a unique vantage point with the GoPro HD HERO3 imaging payload.

Broadcast Media


The Aeryon Scout provides an ideal aerial platform for capturing professional quality 1080p HD video with the GoPro HD HERO3.

Wildlife Observation


Quiet operation and small visual profile make Aeryon sUAS ideal for conducting natural observation, without disturbing the subject matter.


 Aerial still images and video frame examples

GalleryImage1.jpg GalleryImage2.jpg GalleryImage3.jpg GalleryImage4.jpg GalleryImage5.jpg GalleryImage6.jpg skydroid01.JPG skydroid02.JPG skydroid03.JPG skydroid04.JPG

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