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Defense Review Discusses Scout sUAS with Datron World Communications

Aeryon Labs partner, Datron World Communications, recently discussed the Scout sUAS with Defense Review at the HALO Counter-Terrorism Summit 2012 in San Diego. Datron World Communications sells the Scout under a private label agreement as the 'Datron Scout'. A short excerpt of the article is included directly below - and the full article can be found on the Defense Review website.

.... Scout ARS would appear to offer a lot of performance in a small package. First, being
small,the Scout ARS is lightweight and backpackable/manpackable. Second, since it's a
quad-rotor, it's hyper-maneuverable. Third, it gives you the following payload options: Photo3S
high resolution Daylight/near IR camera, VideoZoom 10x Optical Zoom Camera, and/or FLIR 640
or FLIR 320 IR camera. Fourth, it's rugged. Fifth, it's quick and easy to assemble and deploy
(and disassemble). And, finally, the Scout is autonomous/semi-autonomous, and therefore easy
to operate and utilize. The Datron Scout Aerial Reconnaissance System package also comes with
a very cool and fairly intuitive remote control tablet....


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