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Aeryon Scout™ and Aeryon SkyRanger™ sUAS successfully complete Department of Homeland Security RAPS Trials

Aeryon small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) participate in Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety (RAPS) program performance and scenario trials as part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Borders and Maritime Security Division mandate to provide federal and local officials with a knowledge and information base in order to make informed decisions about adopting sUAS technology as a tool for aerial monitoring, situational awareness and evidence collection.


In Alaska's oilfields, drones count down to takeoff

No pilot was required when the Aeryon Scout took off into the leaden skies of Alaska to inspect a stretch of oil pipeline. The miniature aircraft was guided by an engineer on the ground, armed only with a tablet computer.

The 20-minute test flight, conducted by BP Plc last fall, was a glimpse of a future where oil and gas companies in the Arctic can rely on unmanned aircraft to detect pipeline faults, at a fraction of the cost of piloted helicopter flights.


Aeryon Labs Announces the Aeryon SkyRanger™ sUAS

The Aeryon SkyRanger™ sets new standards for VTOL flight performance, reliability, and ease-of-use - synonymous with Aeryon sUAS. Industry-leading capabilities include 50-minute endurance, 40/55 mph (65/90 kph) sustained/gust wind tolerance, stabilized dual EO/IR payload with streaming 1080p30 HD color video, and immediate pre-assembled deployment from a compact integrated backpack


Aeryon's Quadrotor Tackles High Winds

Mashable features the Aeryon SkyRanger in this product spotlight video.


@SaudiArmyNews tweets about Aeryon Scout sUAS

The Saudi Armed Forces recently tweeted a picture showing off one of their Aeryon Scout small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS). The Scout is pictured in its component pieces, and assembled, along with Saudi Armed Forces personnel. 


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@shauncoghlan presents today at @uasreno UAS Mapping 2014 Reno - @aeryonlabs session is part of Emerging Applications in the US, 3:30pm.

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