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Gallery - Nome Alaska

Aerial images and video from the Scout assisting the US Coast Guard escort Russian tanker Renda into Nome Alaska.  For more information, please read the press release.


As a Russian fuel tanker begins the final and most delicate phase of an emergency delivery to this ice-shackled city, the ship is getting help from a polar icebreaker, 85 Coast Guard sailors and one robotic drone.
— Video by Jonathan Tortora and Erik German [The Daily]

Researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) are using the Aeryon Scout to capture aerial imagery and create image orthomosaic 'maps' of the ice surface at the entry to the Nome, Alaska harbor. Coordinating with the Alaska Department of Environment and Conservation and UAF, the US Coast Guard icebreaker Healy is escorting Russian fuel tanker Renda into the remote community of Nome to deliver vital fuel supplies.

David Glessel, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, demonstrates the Aeryon Scout, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAH) in Nome, Alaska Jan. 14, 2011

UAV Data Products

thumb planning map
Nome Planning Map
Digital Elevation Model

Image Galleries

The Arrival of Renda and USCGC Healy

These are all photographs taken from the Scout. The ships arrived near the end of the day, and despite low light levels and the 50km/h winds, the Scout took great photos!

Awaiting Teams.jpg Healy cutting paths west of Nome.jpg Healy outside Nome harbor.jpg Healy passing Renda for the last time on the way past the outer harbor.jpg Healy passing Renda last time with Alaska shore in background.jpg Healy passing Renda on last lap taken from 35 ft alt over previous cuts.jpg Healy passing renda with western causway in foreground.jpg Healy preparing for last lap of Renda.jpg Renda approaching western causway.jpg Renda_r.jpg aeryon-renda-nome.jpg


aeryon-nome-alaska-aerial.jpg aeryon-nome-alaska-pressure-ridges.jpg aeryon-scout-aerial-nome.jpg aeryon-scout-hovers-nome-alaska.jpg aeryon-scout-image-nome-alaska.jpg aeryon-scout-snow-alaska.jpg nome-alaska-aeryon-scout.jpg nome-energy-support-aeryon-scout.jpg preparing-uav-alaska.jpg scout-aeryon-in-nome-alaska.jpg scout-aeryon-nome-alaska.jpg scout-images-nome-alaska.jpg scout-snow-alaska.jpg scout-snow-alaska_250x189.jpg uscg-rear-adm-w-scout.jpg

Google Maps Imagery

Below is imagery of the ice near the Nome causeway taken by the team of researchers from UAF on January 10, 2012. This imagery was collected using Aeryon Scout UAVs flying at altitudes up to 400 feet.  (The south western portion of the map is cloudy due to some icing on the camera)

View Fullscreen. Switch from Satellite to Map view to access higher zoom levels for the above imagery,
Othorectification courtesy of Pix4D. Images courtesy of University Alaska Fairbanks

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