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Considerations in Selecting a Small UAV for Police Operations

windmapSmall, or micro, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are quickly entering the market for practical use in law enforcement, choosing the right solution can appear daunting.  With equipment purchases typically between 15 and 5 percent of total budgets, making the right decision is essential.


Intuitive Control of a Micro UAV

map-basedThere are many practical applications for micro UAV’s.  In cases such as military reconnaissance or emergency response, instant availability of high quality imagery can have life or death consequences.  In other cases such as aerial surveys or environmental monitoring, workers have limited time and resources to successfully complete a job.  In all cases, the absolute necessity of the UAV operator is to quickly and efficiently provide the high quality data that is needed in the field.

Unfortunately with many micro UAV’s, collecting the data often takes a back seat to stabilizing and controlling the vehicle and its payload. Rather than specifically focusing on the priority task of obtaining quality imagery, the UAV operater spends more time focused on controlling the system and its payload. This whitepaper outlines why an intuitive control methodology is key to the success of a UAV program and what key attributes to look for in a system.


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