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Public Safety Applications

Aeryon sUAS for Public Safety Applications

Aeryon sUAS provide an immediate eye in the sky for law, fire and emergency management personnel - and is the ideal sUAS platform for public safety agencies.

Learn how Aeryon sUAS can benefit a wide range of public safety applications.

Aeryon Public Safety Brochure

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Here are just a few reasons why:

Emergencies don't happen on calm sunny days: Aeryon sUAS operate reliably in extreme wind and weather conditions including safe flight in high winds, when other systems can't get off the ground.  

First-on-scene response:  any first responder can have Aeryon sUAS airborne in seconds - no waiting for aircraft support or trained remote-control specialists, and no launch or recovery equipment required.  Any personnel can learn to operate Aeryon sUAS in minutes.

Fly-safe: autonomous features and advanced fly-safe controls including automated return-home on conditions such as low-battery, lost communications, or unsafe winds also reduces operating risk by minimizing reliance on operator skill to recover from challenging conditions. 


uav traffic accident reconstruction

Traffic Accident Investigation

Investigating a traffic accident requires a fine balance between two competing demands – the requirement for collecting thorough, lasting evidence and the need to reopen roads as soon as possible allowing traffic to flow again. Aeryon sUAS provide a full range of aerial intelligence (video and photography) that gives the first responders and investigation teams the tools and evidence they need to reduce the time and resources it takes to collect data, clear the site and get the roadway open again.

Mission Summary News Story Aeryon Map Edition

uav forensics


One of the greatest challenges in forensics is how to capture thorough, accurate evidence without actually touching the crime scene itself. With the Aeryon sUAS platform, a complete range of aerial video and photographic evidence can be captured instantly onsite, before the crime scene has even been touched by investigators.

Aeryon Map Edition

search and rescue unmanned aerial system

Search & Rescue

With search and rescue operations, time is your worst enemy – the faster search and rescue efforts commence, the better the chance of a successful operation. All Aeryon sUAS can be in the air within minutes of first responders arriving at a scene, instantly performing aerial search and rescue operations.

Pre-planned flight paths enable the operator to methodically perform a grid search in a given area to ensure no area is missed. All videos and photographs are automatically saved and geo-tagged for further analysis and potential evidence.

News Story

tactial UAV

Tactical Operations

Raids, barricades, and hostage situations are among the most dangerous operations for police officers. An aerial perspective can help officers see over obstacles and around corners to gain critical situational awareness without putting themselves in harms way.

The Aeryon platform is ideal for gathering advanced surveillance and can remain on-station to stream live multicast video to officers and command posts simultaneously - acting as a vital communication link for everyone involved, regardless of geography.

The choice of integrated, imaging payloads along with its quiet operation are ideal for tactical operations. The Aeryon sUAS can hover covertly at extended range while providing up-close video with sufficient detail for threat assessment or visual identification. The thermal/IR payloads assist in visually spotting persons from surrounding cover.

Aeryon HDZoom30 Payload

uav emergency response

Emergency & Disaster Response

When responding to an emergency, one of the priorities is to understand how the most critical areas are affected and where they are situated - before putting any more human lives in danger. The Aeryon platform puts the power of aerial intelligence directly into the hands of the first responders. Real-time video streaming can show not only the extent of the damage but may also warn responders of additional hazards. Geo-tagged digital photographs provide an aerial record of the on-ground situation completely untouched.

aerial crowd control

Crowd Control

Crowds can get out of control; sometimes quite quickly. Constant surveillance of a crowd as it moves is critical to providing public safety officers a visual of the situation and how it evolves. With the Aeryon platform, surveillance/crowd control teams have the ability to constantly monitor the movement and behavior of the crowd. The pre-planned flight path capabilities along with the ability to control multiple flyers simultaneously allow for non-stop monitoring of any situation.

cbrne hazmat uav


Chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear or explosive situations represent an extreme danger to everyone involved. Gathering as much information as possible before sending in the investigation and response teams significantly reduces the risks. The integrated, hot-swappable payloads enable you to select the best solution to meet the requirements and completely assess the situation.

News Story
uav fire fighting

Fire Investigation & Damage Assessment

Investigating fire damage is a dangerous operation. Evaluating the integrity of building structures and whether any hot spots remain needs to be done instantly, before sending in investigators and cleanup crews. As well, video and photographic evidence, for ongoing investigastions, should be acquired without touching the damaged site.

With the Aeryon sUAS, aerial intelligence of a fire damaged site can be acquired immediately and streamed (in real time) to investigators enabling them to fully assess the situation before going on site. Hot-swappable payloads allow for video and photographic intelligence to be instantly switched to thermal imagery or other payload systems.

uav fire fighter

Fire Management

Controlling and extinguishing a small fire is dangerous work - managing a large fire where multiple fire stations need to coordinate their efforts, exponentially increases the risk and logistical issues facing the emergency response teams. The Aeryon sUAS enables you to continually observe and monitor the situation and the surrounding area, track fire management personnel and continuously assess structural integrity of the building.

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