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Commercial & Industrial Applications

Aeryon sUAS for Commercial Applications

For commercial and industrial users, Aeryon sUAS provide a faster, cheaper, safer, and more accurate means of collecting aerial imagery than conventional alternatives including satellites, planes or helicopters.  Aeryon sUAS are the most reliable and easy-to-use systems available. Aeryon sUAS are used in a wide range of industries, and can be used by multiple departments within a single organization.


pipeline inspection uav

Oil & Gas

There are significant economic and environmental requirements to keeping oil and gas facilities operational and safe. Whether you are monitoring pipelines for potential leaks or responsible for keeping facilities safe and secure, real time situational awareness of your immediate surroundings is instrumental to your success.

With the ability of Aeryon sUAS to fly pre-planned flight paths, constant monitoring of pipelines and facilities is easily attained. Hot-swap to a thermal camera and you can quickly detect potential leaks or discover trespassers 24 hours a day.

Flare Stack Mission Summary Aeryon HDZoom30 Payload

GIS uav

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Real-time GIS like this, has not been possible until now. Aeryon sUAS put the ability to shoot high quality geotagged photos into your hands. No need to contract expensive aircraft or work around somone else's schedule.

Aeryon UAS can be deployed quickly, easily and often, collecting imagery which can be imported into GIS databases, stitched together and used to generate 3D reconstructions. For example, the image to the right was taken from the Scout and is one of a series of photos used to perform volumetric estimation of a coal stock pile at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Image Gallery Mission Summary Sample Projects Aeryon Map Edition

aerial agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Monitoring soil composition and vegetatative health can help to maximize crop-yields and assess environmental conditions for agriculture and environmental projects. This can be accomplished using Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) images which can also help to measure and monitor plant growth, vegetation cover and soil/water condition, and biomass production.

Combining infrared images taken from the Scout's Photo3S-NIR payload with visible light images from the Photo3S payload allows for the creation of extremely detailed 2cm/pixel NDVI images. Using the Aeryon Scout, these NDVI images can be created much more frequently and at a lower cost than through the use of satellites or airplanes.

Case Study

hydro inspection uav

Inspection Systems

Is a structure sound? Was there significant damage? Is it safe to send in engineers for further investigation? The best way to know for sure is to take a close look. With Aeryon sUAS your engineers can take expert video and photographs of any structure in a matter of minutes.

The 3 axis gimballed camera provides a full 360 degree view enabling quality digital video and photographs of both vertical and horizontal structures. Standard digital formats allow for easy additional post analysis of all material.

Hydro Mission Summary Aeryon HDZoom30 Payload

uav sensing

Environmental Sensing

Assessing potential environmental damage or taking environmental samples will often lead you to places not suitable for humans – like the top of a smoke stack or the middle of a hazardous material spill. Aeryon sUAS can provide a complete visual of the area allowing you to fully understand any potential risk.

The hot-swappable payloads of each Aeryon sUAS allow for customized payloads to be developed and installed in the field, so air or liquid sampling can be done from remote locations.

private security uav

Private Security

Perhaps the challenge is to secure an open-pit mine? Or oversee a significant sporting or political event? Or monitor a safe house? In all cases whether you’re securing people, property or equipment – constant monitoring of all activities in the area surrounding your asset is an absolute necessity. Multiple Aeryon sUAS constantly following a pre-planned route, such as the perimeter of a site, will provide you non-stop aerial intelligence keeping your assets as safe as possible.

Aeryon HDZoom30 Payload

uav wildlife monitoring

Wildlife Monitoring

Aeryon UAS quiet operation and small visual profile make it a perfect tool for conducting completely natural observation, without disturbing the subject matter. Record 1080p HD video, or capture highly-detailed still images with the GoPro HD HERO3 for wildlife or environmental research.


Mission Summary Image Gallery

uav media filming

Broadcast Media

With their intuitive navigation and camera control, and intelligent vehicle and camera stabilization, Aeryon sUAS provide an ideal aerial platform for capturing professional quality 1080p high definition video. Additionally, the advanced imaging capabilities of the GoPro HD HERO3 ensure that all footage is clear and sharp.

construction uav

Aerial Photography

Armed with the ability to capture 11 megapixel photos, or record stunning 1080p HD video from a unique vantage point, Aeryon sUAS are well suited to provide high quality aerial photography and video. The on-board intelligence keeps the system level and stable, allowing the operator to focus 100% on the task at hand – taking the best quality images possible.

These capabilties are especially applicable to those in real estate, hosting promotional events, or pursuing other commercial interests.

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